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Chaosky HQ

A project that features a fictional dystopian society that has facilities showcasing famous rooms or extinct objects. This replication room, or facility, showcases the infamous hacker group "Chaosky" based on Mars during the year 2030. More work featuring this narrative will continue.

Gradient Rope

While looking at anchor ropes I thought about how it could be complemented by a fresh dip in gradient dye. Not only was I able to test various color combinations but also to work with displacement mapping for the rope texture. Pairing strong lines and smooth gradients it speaks to both design and practicality.

Meet Ava

AVA or Aerial Visual Aid, is a quadcopter that would send audio and video to the incoming paramedics. This alleviates the fear of going into an unknown situation. AVA's form and color are both welcoming and non-threatening. She is dispatched before an ambulance and takes unconventional routes for faster response.

Hisense USA

3D assets and concepts produced for a Hisense USA rebrand using simple geometry and strong colors to represent their brand mentality. The characters and creatures created can interact with each other or with any appliance or electronic of choice. This helps create little scenes that tell a bigger story.

Ares Park

A project about fictional world parks where each place has a certain landscape or material specific to that region. Doing this series pushes me to explore different lighting with a common object like the small power sources seen throughout. Planet exploration is always a good thing to do at 4 AM.

Ride On

A bike initiative to let the riders of small town Menomonie, Wisconsin know that no matter what happens they should always ride on. Whether it be on a bike or in their personal life, dwelling on problems will only make it worse. This message hopefully promotes good wholesome biking and good vibes all year round.


No matter what you do you have to admit that emojis are all around us. In mobile apps, on our pillows, or under your recent Instagram picture there is no better way to capture the spirit of the summer than the "OK" or "PERFECT!" emoji. So kick back, relax and enjoy time floating in good thoughts and warm sun.

You're the Best.

Truly, you are. This has been the portfolio site of Dennis Souy Sengthong. A 3D & Graphic Designer based in the beautiful Midwest. If you like what you see, let's work together.